There are two teams in the game of money.


These hard-working individuals make the products, provide the services, and do the work. Contributors use what they make.


This wealthy elite made the game and the rules for both teams. They move the money Contributors make in order to create, keep, and multiply their wealth.

You deserve to choose whether you want to be a Contributor or Creator. We're here to give you that choice.

Here's how we help.

I'm Andrew Cordle

The rules of the money game are made by the wealthy, for the wealthy, and passed into law by a wealthy congress. "I was raised by Contributor parents who were never given the choice to become Creators. I am here to change that and teach all hard-working Americans how Creators play the money game."

How to Be a Creator in the Game of Money

Money Grows when it flows

The word money comes from the Latin word “currens,” from which we get the word “currency.” Money must be in motion; water that doesn’t move becomes stagnant. Contributors invest in mutual funds, handing their money over to Creators, who then move that money to make more money. When Contributors learn how to move their own money, they become Creators. Money must be in motion; water that doesn’t move is dead, stagnant water.

Your net worth is directly connected to your network.

Ever heard the phrase, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know?” Creators make money by moving money amongst themselves, and to do that you need to network with other Creators. Connect to other Creators and lay a bigger game that allows you to live your life doing what’s important to you.

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